Capital for the preservation
of capital.

We fund and power unstoppable founders and projects at the intersection of web3 & climate tech to preserve the world's natural and social capital.As a team, we built successful ventures over multiple decades and invest now where it matters most: solving the climate crisis and healing our planet.

What We Do

One of the world’s most pressing needs is to solve the looming climate crisis. The intersection of web3 & climate tech will play an essential part over the next decade in healing our planet.We believe in funding a lasting rebellion against the status quo: A new generation of entrepreneurs and teams who use unstoppable technology to design, deploy, and scale systems that have regeneration, climate awareness, and real-world impact at their core.

The Team

Our team holds a unique blend of serial Web3 + FinTech + Data Founders and seasoned VCs who have built and backed >250 companies and protocols through good and bad times.Maex and Philip bring two decades of serial founder and operational experience. They founded and built Centrifuge, Taulia (now part of SAP), Ebydos (acquired 2006), as well as operated their angel investment fund Fos Finance. The projects they supported range from early fintech, over b2b, to crypto projects across ReFi, DeFi, and foundational building blocks of decentralization.Bonnie, Krishna, and Scott hold multiple decades of VC and operational experience across many companies, funds, and projects. Krishna and Scott launched the early-stage VC fund Crane Venture Partners in 2018 where they hold operational and investment excellence at their core - helping founders to go from 0 to scale.

Calling all rebels!

If you are a founder, building the next generation of web3 technology to solve the climate crisis: we want to hear from you!